Extremely motivated to be successful

This gave me a chance that I have always wanted for a long time, to change my life for the better. In the past, I have ever abused my body with alcohol and drugs. In my life was a complete mess. I had no directions and aspirations to follow. I lost all my will to live because I lost my parents. My parents died in a plane crash when they were visiting some of our relatives. I was only a young boy when they died. I lost my brother too in the plane crash; there are no survivors. I always wished that I came along with them so that I would also die.


The only reason I did not come along with them is that I had a fever. Although I had a place to live, I had no one to share it too. All the days were a complete disappointment for me, so I turned to alcohol and drugs. Eventually I also lost my job, and in the end, I lost everything. It’s when I meet Melissa that my life change. I was always booking London escorts, but I did not connect with one of them. Melissa was the only London escorts that I loved very much. I was always happy to see her every time because she ever knows how to please me.


Melissa was the girl that encourages me to change my life and start from scratch. She believed in me even though I was a complete mess at that time; she was the only person who never gave up on me after my parent’s died. All my friends and relatives left me because they were frustrated with me because I was always drunk and on drugs. After a year of being together with my life completely changed. I now have started working again and extremely motivated to be successful in my career one day. Melissa gave me another chance at life.


I like to think that we saved each other from our bad habits in the past. We stayed strong together even though we faced many obstacles and trials in our relationship. Melissa quits escorting for me, and I am very thankful for that. We are satisfied with our lives even though we do not have a lot of money. All we need is each other, and we are fine. After Melissa and I got married, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl who we called Sarrah after my mom. Although she did not have a chance to meet my parents, I know that they will like her very much. My dad would have been thrilled to see my daughter if he is still alive.

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